The essence of the professional judgment of the lawyer is the educated ability to relate the general body and philosophy of law to a specific legal problem of a client; and thus, the public interest will be better served if only lawyers are permitted to act in matters involving professional judgment. 2. Even when withdrawal is otherwise permitted or required under section DR 2-110 1200.15 (A)(l), (B), or (C), a lawyer shall not withdraw from employment until the lawyer has taken steps to the extent reasonably practicable to avoid foreseeable prejudice to the rights of the client, including giving due notice to the client, allowing time for employment of other counsel, delivering to the client all papers and property to which the client is entitled and complying with applicable laws and rules. A lawyer or law firm may not include the name of a non-lawyer in its firm name, nor may a lawyer or law firm that has a contractual relationship with a non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm pursuant to DR 1-107 1200.5-c to provide –
legal and other professional services on a systematic and continuing basis include in its firm name the name of the non-legal professional service firm or any individual non-legal professional affiliated therewith. 3. A sign in or near the office and in the building directory identifying the law office and any non-legal business conducted by the lawyer or law firm pursuant to DR 1-106 1200.5-b. 3. bank references; credit arrangements accepted; prepaid or group legal services programs in which the lawyer or law firm participates; non-legal services provided by the lawyer or law firm or by an entity owned and controlled by the lawyer or law firm; the existence of contractual relationships between the lawyer or law firm and a non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm, to the extent permitted by DR 1-107 1200.5-c, and the nature and extent of services available through those contractual relationships; and. Without the consent of the client, a lawyer should not associate in a particular matter another lawyer outside the lawyer’s firm A fee may properly be divided between lawyers properly associated if the division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by a writing given to the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation and if the total fee is reasonable. 2. The lawyer or law firm neither grants to the non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm, nor permits such person or firm to obtain, hold or exercise, directly or indirectly, any ownership or investment interest in, or managerial or supervisory right, power or position in connection with the practice of law by the lawyer or law firm nor, as provided in DR 2-103 1200.8 (B)(1), shares legal fees with a non-lawyer or receives or gives any monetary or other tangible benefit for giving or receiving a referral; and. A. With respect to lawyers or law firms providing non-legal services to clients or other persons:
Moreover, a lawyer or law firm may not enter into an agreement or arrangement for the use of a name in respect of which a non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm has or exercises a proprietary interest if, under or pursuant to the agreement or arrangement, that non-legal professional or firm acts or is entitled to act in a manner inconsistent with DR 1-107(A)(2) or EC 1-13 More generally, although the existence of a contractual relationship permitted by DR 1-107 does not by itself create a conflict of interest violating DR 5-101(A) whenever a law firm represents a client in a matter in which the non-legal professional service firm’s client is also involved, the law firm’s interest in maintaining an advantageous relationship with the non-legal professional service firm might, in certain circumstances, adversely affect the independent professional judgment of the law firm, creating a conflict of interest. Obviously the Canons, Ethical Considerations, and Disciplinary Rules cannot apply to non-lawyers; however, they do define the type of ethical conduct that the public has a right to expect not only of lawyers but also of their non-professional employees and associates in all matters pertaining to professional employment. In doing so, lawyers conduct case law research, participate in formal hearings, draft and file legal documents, represent clients in a courtroom and provide general advice.
Prosecutors and District Attorneys sanction illegal behavior, while criminal defense lawyers represent clients accused of criminal activity. In England and Wales, “lawyer” is used to refer to persons who provide reserved and unreserved legal activities and includes practitioners such as barristers , attorneys , solicitors , registered foreign lawyers, patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, licensed conveyancers, public notaries, commissioners for oaths, immigration advisers and claims management services. An invitation-only membership group limited to attorneys who have won million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients, comprising less than one percent of lawyers in the United States. We are a third generation professional association of trial lawyers whose concerns and reputations are distinguished by excellence and compassion providing legal services for over 85 years, since our Firm’s founding in 1930. Our attorneys are highly adept at preserving our clients’ interests in employment law matters. The Singleton Law Group, rated AV Preeminent” is one of the most renowned employment law firms in the country by U.S. News & World Reports, Best Lawyers in America”, Superlawyers among others, and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced employment law attorneys in this Baltimore.

In addition to the extensive experience that each of our lawyers possess, our legal team focuses on providing clients with exceptional, personalized service. The Joseph Farzam Law Firm is a well established award winning Litigation and Trial firm, focusing on a variety of practice areas, including General Litigation, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Employment Law and Lemon Law. With access to more than 4000 lawyers worldwide, membership in LAW allows member firms to service the legal needs of clients that are expanding their operations and relationships into new domestic and foreign markets.

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